Our Founder

A CEO with the Experience to Handle any Strategic Move

Meet Our Founder

With over 20 years of experience, Frank LaRosa is an expert in the financial services industry. Having extensive knowledge in wealth management in both corporate and advisory businesses, he is sure to help you make the right move and negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf.

Frank began his career in 1996 at Prudential Securities, advancing as Prudential’s top New Advisor in the country. He moved his business to Smith Barney in 1999 and successfully retained over 95% of his clients’ assets. During his first year, he more than doubled his asset base. He managed offices in Red Bank, New Jersey; Alexandria, Virginia; and Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

After the merger of Smith Barney with Morgan Stanley, Frank ran both the Southern New Jersey complex and the Philadelphia complex. He was named one of OnWallStreet’s Top 10 Managers for his work in the Southern New Jersey complex.

As one of the Nation’s top transition consultants, he knows first-hand how to guide you on your move, what challenges you may face, and how to ensure the best possible success at your new firm. Frank has worked with some of the nation’s best and most sophisticated advisors, and has earned a reputation for fighting hard for his clients to get them the best result possible. With his expertise, knowledge, and skillful judgement, Frank will ensure greater success and personal fulfillment when you make your move.

Frank LaRosa

Founder/Chief Executive OfficerBusiness Consultant & Transition Expert